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Discover urban mobility redefined with SIGI Ashoka, our revolutionary electric auto, setting new standards in sustainability and performance.


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Innovation, Quality &

At SIGI EV, we embody innovation, quality, and meticulous design. Introducing our latest offering –

Sigi Ashoka, a paradigm shift in electric autos. Powered by an advanced Lithium-iron Phosphate Battery, Ashoka combines superior ride quality with an aesthetically and ergonomically designed frame.

Key Features of Sigi Ashoka Electric Auto:

Higher Savings with
Low Running Cost:

Experience cost-efficient commuting without compromising performance.

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Best in Power with Advanced PMSM Motor Technology:

Achieve a top speed of 45 km/hr with a 6 kW peak power output.

Gearless & Hill Hold Transmission:

Navigate slopes and heavy loads with enhanced control.

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Your Commute, Redefined

Sigi Ashoka addresses the evolving needs of modern commuters with:

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Extended Range

Cover 130-140 km on a single charge, ensuring you go the distance without worry.

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Charging Flexibility

Home Charging in 4hrs, Fast Charging in 1hr (0-80%), and Swapping Stations with a unique split battery concept.



Lower running costs, higher savings, and earnings per kilometer.

Our Business Model
Redefining Accessibility

At SIGI EV, we believe in making sustainable mobility accessible. Our business model prioritizes:

Home Charging

Conveniently charge at home, offering a full range of 130 km in just 4 hours.

Fast Charging

Achieve 80% charge in just 1 hour for a quick top-up on the go.

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Swapping Stations

The innovative split battery concept provides a 65 km range in 2 minutes. Swap, charge the spare battery in 2 hours, and return for a seamless experience.

Eco-Friendly & Customer-Centric

SIGI Ashoka goes beyond transportation – it’s a commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction: 

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Minimal upkeep for maximum uptime.

Quick Serviceability

Quick Serviceability

Swift and reliable service network.



Trust in the durability of our batteries and chargers.

Mission & Vision

Mission: “At SIGI EV, our mission is to redefine urban mobility through innovation and sustainability. We aim to provide eco-friendly solutions that enhance lives, contribute to a cleaner environment, and set new standards for efficiency and performance.” 

Vision: “Our vision at SIGI EV is to be the forefront choice for urban mobility, not just in Hyderabad but across India. We envision a world where electric three-wheelers redefine commuting, offering superior performance, cost efficiency, and environmental responsibility.”

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Join the Future of Urban Mobility

Explore the SIGI Ashoka Electric Autos and embrace a new era of commuting that prioritizes efficiency, savings, and sustainability. SIGI EV – Driving Innovation, Powering Progress in Hyderabad and Beyond.

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Redefining Urban Mobility, One Journey at a Time.

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A: SIGI Ashoka is our flagship electric auto, powered by an advanced Lithium-iron Phosphate Battery. It’s designed to offer superior ride quality, efficiency, and sustainability for urban commuting.

A: SIGI Ashoka provides an impressive range of 130-140 km on a single charge, ensuring you can cover your daily commute without worry.

A: The charging time varies:

  • Home Charging: 4 hours for a full charge.
  • Fast Charging: 1 hour for 0-80% charge.
  • Swapping Stations: Swap within 2 minutes for a 65 km range. Charge the spare battery in 2 hours.

A: SIGI Ashoka can reach a top speed of 45 km/hr, delivering a powerful and efficient ride experience.

A: The Swapping Station features a unique split battery concept. Within 2 minutes, swap the battery for an immediate 65 km range. Return and collect the charged batteries by paying the charging price.

A: Yes, SIGI EV vehicles are designed for low maintenance, ensuring minimal upkeep and maximum uptime for your convenience.

A: Yes, we offer a comprehensive warranty on our electric three-wheelers. For specific details, please refer to our warranty policy or contact our customer support.

A: SIGI EV contributes to environmental sustainability by offering eco-friendly electric vehicles that reduce carbon emissions. Our commitment to sustainable practices extends from manufacturing to daily use.

A: Yes, SIGI EV vehicles are available not only in Hyderabad but across India. Contact our dealers or visit our website to find the nearest distributor.

A: You can reach out to us through our website contact page or visit our dealership in Hyderabad. Our customer support team is ready to assist you.